Thursday, February 24, 2011

The New Daily Challenge

Since the beginning of the year when I posted this post, I have been reflecting on how I can make every day count and make it special.

The result was starting this blog - I decided to mix life up a bit by trying something new / different / or unlike me, everyday. (This clearly does not include anything illegal!) ...:)
I am having fun with it although its not the adventurous start I had pictured! Feel free to pop over and have a squizz at my mundane start - and even join me in my quest.

Something that has happened without any thought is that each day I am so aware of things that I am thankful for - perhaps that is an offshoot of having a child who has been really sick for 2 weeks and is still weak and recovering - so I might even add Just One Thing that I am thankful for each day too! 

Have a goodie.

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