Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sing Like No-One's Looking

Stressful doesn’t begin to describe the last 2 weeks.  The patient” is still very weak and fragile. We’ve been told that she will need a good few months to recover completely and will need to be very careful about how much activity and exertion she involves herself in.
This morning on my way to work, I usually listen to the Radio, but I felt like putting on something fun and lively – nothing works for me quite like Mika for this (and Pink) but today it was Mika.
I put on Track 4 – “Love Today” and started singing.

At first my singing was just the usual 'sing to yourself', but by the time I got to the chorus I was belting it out like no-one’s business. You know that type of car singing? The one where you pull the facial expressions and clap and ‘dance’ in your seat - and then when you pull up at a robot and realise that you could look very strange but truly you don’t care at all?

Smile and Wave. Just smile and wave.
That’s what happened with me in the car today! 
Partay for one. 

Even the cover makes you happyyyyy!

Not even the BMW driver who raced to get in front of me in the section of the road where two lanes make one, could break my Rock-Star Mojo. Really? If being in front of me makes you go girl!

Everyone should sing as though there is no-one looking – it’s good for the soul!

Peace and Happiness People!


  1. I love this post. I love singing...not that I can.(sing) I am terribly off key, but it does not stop me from singing loadly in the car.

  2. Lynette! Hi! I always joke and say I mime in church cos my voice is like a foghorn and I may disturb the people around me. Its only half a joke! So the car is a place I can also just belt it out wihtout anyone turning around and staring! :-) Happy Singing!

  3. hehe....we definitely kin. :-)


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