Friday, January 14, 2011

Embracing Life in 2011

Every year, almost without fail, there is a website I visit
It’s sort of been my 'right of passage' to enter into a New Year.

By a simple click of the mouse I manage to articulate one of my hearts desires
without even opening my mouth.

Oh! To be organised, for everything to have its be aproned up and humming while tasty food merrily simmers away ...*sigh* ... It’s all a fantasy because I could never be that person … every year I have to make peace with the fact that I just am not.

So this year, I have broken with my ‘right of passage’.

In the spirit of this, I was openly rebellious and bought myself a notebook which embraces who I really am.

Instead of wishing I could be some way else this year, I am going to embrace all the good stuff about being disorganised, like:

  • I am always finding things I thought I had lost ~ it’s like Christmas every day!
  • I can be spontaneous ~ I don’t have to say I can’t do something because I need to hang washing.
  • I don’t need to follow any schedule of chores: Washing Day doesn’t have to be Monday – who made that rule anyway? Tsk. :o)
  • I don’t have to feel guilty if I leave my coffee cup on the lounge table alllllllll day (and even overnight) – *I heard some of you gasp* :o) … SO WHAT! Tomorrow is another day.

Today I am thankful for who I am!

I have high hopes for my disorganised self that don’t involve domestic goddessness:

like making every day count,
like living in the moment I am in, whether it’s good or bad,
like learning to listen better and think more, especially before I speak,
like making fewer assumptions based on hearsay,
like extending kindness expecting nothing in return,
like laughing with friends and crying with friends,
like extending grace in the same way that I have received it.

Roll on 2011.. it's going to be a goodie!
Peace be the journey.


  1. I like your thinking girl!
    Bring it! I will adopt it.

  2. Love it! Love it!

    Am so enjoying reading your blog....keep going - you are a natural, engaging and humourous writer.

    And yeah....Flylady and I have a date next week. ;-)

  3. I like, I like, I too am disorganised. i try to be organised in my own disorganised way and it generally works;-)
    Welcome to blog land!

  4. Hey hey...

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am attempting to be organised enough to continue this blogging journey!

  5. Your writing is refreshingly Lisa. I love you just the way you are bok.


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