Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Read and To Dream...

Some people buy the YOU, others JOY, GARDEN AND HOME or COSMO.

I, however, have never been a buyer of magazines.
Until today.

Usually what I do is pop in to travel agencies and get brochures about remote and interesting destinations that we would love to visit. We spend hours poring over them, discussing where we want to go and googling interesting itineraries in those places. We love doing this. To us, the decision of where to go, the sourcing of places to stay and things to do, the bookings and all that comes with the planning of a major trip is a huge part of the fun.

Today at Pik ‘n Betaal I saw they had a Travel mag for sale at the till. It may have been there forever, I’ve never seen it before, but usually I am in a mad dash to get in and out of shops of any description in record time. Did I tell you that I think I am allergic to shopping and malls?

I paid the bucks and I’m not sorry.
What a lovely mag, great stories, competitions, special deals and articles:
local and international.

I just happened to flick it open on a page with a beautiful photograph of the brightly coloured hot air balloons over the moonlike landscape of Goreme together with a write-up on the magical Cappadocia. I read it and found myself wiping away tears. Why do I get emotional everytime I think of Turkey? When I close my eyes I can still smell the food and if I concentrate hard enough – I’m sure that I see the warm friendly faces and hear the voices calling out in the Istanbul bazaar. I want to go back so badly.

So, long story short. I think I buy a magazine now. It’s the PnP Travel Mag, I have subscribed to their newsletter with ‘earlybird discounts’. There is a whole world of beautiful places and interesting people to see and to meet.

Tonight, I find myself home alone for a few hours, a time to dream and to plan.

I foresee many adventures - and among them another visit to beautiful Turkey.



  1. aagh sounds amazing! I pray u get to go again soon! enjoy time alone...

  2. I think I have the same nostalgia about Jerusalem and Israel as a is as if the old City is calling my name.

  3. @ lg - Lovely post, poppet. I think we may just have to go with you next time.
    @ Lynette - Ohhhh yes! I can imagine.
    We haven't been there yet. It must be so wonderful!

  4. You have really seen much of the world! And how special that last trip was for you guys! Envious... :)

  5. It sounds as though the travel bug has bitten us all!

    May we still have many exciting adventures! :)


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