Thursday, January 23, 2014


Brought over from my WP blog....Post #2.
I took this from my home a couple of days ago.
This photograph actually does the light no real justice, it is a great attempt. I was struck by the barrenness of the tree, the seeming emptiness of it and how it was overshadowed by this amazing glow of light.
I was reminded not to see the obvious but to expect the unexpected.  Don't see a bare tree.
The tree is not unproductive. What is happening is unseen.  What is happening is below the surface and through it all I am here,  the Father of Lights, the giver of all good gifts.
Do not feel unproductive.  I am being productive in you.  Wait.
James 1:17: " Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I loved this lavender and thought that it was the focal point of my photograph.
Sometimes we are so busy looking past where we are,
looking for something better, prettier or just something other,
that we don't notice the present.
 I feel reminded to embrace the place that I find myself in now, notice what's right in front of me.
Today, this day,  this moment, is a gift from the most generous Giver.

MyThoughtsFramed Inc.

I started my WP Blog to help me comment on others' WP blogs.  It didn't help, but I kept it. The problem I had with commenting has been resolved and now I find that it's a mission trying to keep 3 blogs going - so I have decided to incorporate MyThoughtsFramed into here.  It's what I would have done anyway had WP not been so iffy about comments!

So, over the next few days, I will move over the existing posts from there, and put them in here, after all, this is my "main baby."

Have lovely days - may we find our hearts overwhelmed by grace and kindness today!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Heavenly Weekend

This weekend the sun tried to force its way through misty grey skies but never really succeeded.

We've learnt not to let the weather dictate our days and on Saturday we took the dogs and did a really nice new 8k forest walk. It was one that we had only ever done part of and it was fun to see where it wound its way to.

On Sunday, we took the Beast and headed South to do a 9k circular hike. We didn't take the dogs today since we wanted to be able to just enjoy our own time together and knew that we would head off for something to eat on the way home.

The hike was probably one of the nicest we have had here so far. We went from river to vineyard to forest to farm - through mud, on grassland tracks and a little bushwhacking thrown in. We just never knew what to expect next.  It took a few hours but we stopped to enjoy the views, to chat and photograph - it was just a magical weekend.

I wish every day was weekend so we could do this - everyday!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Oddness of Human Nature.

Update on this "Should I work?" post:

Honestly, human nature is a BIZARRE thing.  Having come to the conclusion that I would like to work (although am not in a hurry to) the following has happened:

I was telephoned about that job that I mentioned in the above post - Yes! They did still want me. They asked if I had a work visa, and I replied that I had a Residency Card and that Ministry had said I can work. Clearly something was lost in translation, because as the really nice lady on the other side of the phone informed me that this is in fact, not so.

I called the Ministry to find out what exactly the protocol is. Basically I can't get a job without a Visa and I can't get a Visa without a job offer.  It takes 3 months to get a Visa and unless it's a post that no EU citizen can fill, hell will freeze over before an employer will wait 3 months for me.

Now this is the BIZARRE part - I don't even mind NOT WORKING. I love it at home (hence my previous dilemma post), but now that I know that I probably can't work - now I am kinda the bliksem in!  (the hell in!)

What if I wake up in 1 year's time and want to work then???

Yup, Human nature... when you think you can do something, you are kind of wishy-washy about it, but tell me I can't do it??  Oh no, you don't!  How dare you tell me that I can't work!?

For now, I shall swallow my pride and accept graciously the allowance that My Man has offered me and continue to love my long forest walks, blissful days of new adventures, bird-watching and bus trips into the city with My Man.

Loving watching the birds at our feeders.

Life is good.... I really don't need to work!

* * * 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ndifuna ukuthetha isiXhosa

I have this "fantasy" that plays out in my head occasionally and it always makes me laugh.
More about that later.

Last week a black couple with a toddler climbed onto the bus. I am sorry if you are offended by "black", it's meant to be descriptive and not racist! They spoke French which always takes me by surprise!

Now back to my fantasy - I have this little scenario that plays out in my head, where I am either on a bus or walking in the city and I notice some black people walking towards me and as they pass, they are speaking Xhosa!  I will go up to them and say "Molo Squeeza!  Kunjani namhlange?" (Hello sister, how are you today?)  She will say "Sikhona, ninjani? (I'm fine, you?) and I will say.... "Eish, kuyabanda namhlange. Ndifuna ikofi!" (Eish, it's cold today. I want coffee!) We would talk loudly and gesture a lot and then yell "Hamba Kahle" (go well!) to one another as we parted ways and continue on our respective journeys.

It's a lovely little fantasy - isn't it funny the things you miss when you are away!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Post Christmas Confusion

I have always loved working, especially at a school, it's been one of the most rewarding things I think I have ever done. It always made me so happy to get up and go to work.  One of the things I knew I would do when I arrived here is to send CV's out. I knew I wanted to work for sure!

Late last year I received an email saying that a position may be available for me and asking if I was interested. I replied in the affirmative and was so excited. I was told to expect an email after the 6 Jan.

This week I had this thought flying into my head.... "Why do you want to work when you are enjoying being home?"  For the first time I considered what would happen if I didn't work and it was a bit confusing. I know it sounds like a silly thing to be confused about - but anyway...

I was once given some advice about how to determine that a decision you have made is right. Basically, in short, make a decision and live with it - if you don't have peace with it, it's not the right decision.

I have been mulling over this this week, and was quite conflicted about what I wanted. Do I want to work? Am I just being lazy not wanting to? Am I nervous about starting here? What shall I do?   I went to the site that had advertised the post and I see it's been removed. I haven't heard anymore about the interview, but I assume from the removal of the ad, that the position has been filled.

Now I am just bitterly disappointed. It looked like a lovely position in a great place. I feel completely deflated.  I didn't even have time to make a decision to have peace about, but what I have found out through the disappointment, is that deep down  I really, really DO want to work.

It's a good thing, because now I know for sure what I want!  Let the journey continue with no more confusion, because I have peace with the certainty of what I want.

But while I am home, I shall continue to love every minute of it!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Coat Saga

The build-up to Christmas and family arriving seems to be but a vague memory now since all have returned to their homes. It happened much to quickly for my liking.

We have had a bit of a "warm spell" and it seems to be getting warmer still (between 4-12 deg. C).  I am told that this does NOT mean spring is on the way, because apparently our coldest months are January and February.

When we arrived I had with me, from our Norway holiday, Coat 1. It is the warmest coat EVER and I have not once felt cold in it so far, even while standing in -2 at bus stops for what seemed like an eternity. However, I feel kind of like the Michelin man in it, and after a while got very bored with having to wear Coat 1 every day, and decided that I  needed another option.

I fell in love with Coat 2, and lucky me it was on sale - 50% off.  (Something you should know about me, I DON'T GO shopping. I HATE it. Shopping, especially in malls makes me feel as though I will break out in a rash.) Fortunately, I have never been a trend setter and am more than happy to just have my own dress thing going. So when I say I "fell in love with this coat", what you should read into that is... I walked past it, saw it and knew it was what I wanted. That's how I roll with shopping, catch my eye as I walk past, don't make me come and find you!

So I bought Coat 2. It's navy blue, gorgeous and fits nicely - BUT, I have realised it is not a "Help! It's cold coat." It's more of a "Oh crap, is it autumn already? I better put a coat on" coat.  I just about froze my butt off in that coat at the bus stop.  It's also not water-proof - which is so not helpful in would think I would know that by now.

While My Girl was here and she was browsing through clothes (she actually does like doing that) - Coat 3 caught my eye. "Oh!" I thought, "This looks better! Waterproof with a nice hood thingy, that will work!" So I bought it. I love it, but it still is not warm enough unless you have at least 4 layers under it. It's more of a "We're-going-out-in-the-car-and-may-have-to-walk-a-bit-to-reach-our-destination-so-put-me-on-and-you-will-look-stylish,-be-dry-and-warm-for-a-few-minutes-until-you-get-there" coat.

The way I see it, I need to add one more coat, it will be like Coat 1, but longer with a hood and a waist! Then I think I will have the whole coat saga waxed.

I have also discovered the possibility of a boot fetish. Of course, I would never have known this if we hadn't moved here! So, boots with the fuuuurrrrr... here we come!

OK. The high-heeled boots - impulse buy. If I hadn't have thrown the slip away, I would have taken them back. Don't know what I was thinking!!  But the others with the fur.... LOVE!!

Between coats and boots, as well as scarves and hats that I have always loved wearing, I guess it's not surprising that I am really enjoying winter here!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 365 and my Word for 2014

My word for 2013 was "Make" and as I read through that post, I realised that this word had stayed with me all year, and I think it was the perfect word!

Now we are in a brand new and exciting year - I still like all the things I wrote down for "Make" and would like to keep that as a "forever" word!

However, as I have been considering my word for the year, I have been making a new blog (see top tab!) which was inspired by this video clip.  She started it because she was unhappy and needed to focus, which is not my case, but I think it's just such an amazing way to really look and see who and what is around you - and appreciate every detail of it.

I am grateful for so many things already on a daily basis, things that may seem obvious - so won't name them, but I never want to take them for granted.

The more I have spent time getting my new 365 blog organised, the more I have realised how much I have to the grateful for.  

So, I feel that my word for this year is just that:

Wishing you all a beautiful 2014 and may 
it be filled with gratitude!