Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Change of Plan

One needs to remain flexible.

This weekend turned out to be nothing like the plan we had. This WAS the plan:

Head out on Friday night to a good surveillance spot and eavesdrop on a major band playing in the city. We had planned picnic baskets, wine, friends, a great view and a sunset (no, we didn’t plan that, it’s a bonus that was thrown in).

Saturday was going to be spending the vouchers My Man received for great work last year at a glitzy mall not too far from us.

Sunday was church and heading out to braai at my brothers place and celebrate his birthday with him.

What we got was our 'grown-up-but-still-at-home-daughter’ being told she has glandular fever. Suddenly all the weekend festivities and outings took a back seat and mom-mode set in. She is so seldom sick and I, like every mom, don’t enjoy seeing her suffer.

I suppose I do get to mommy her and she does actually let me.

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  1. Get better soon mommy's girl! You have a wonderful mom!


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