Friday, September 9, 2011

Reigning Champs!

I had to laugh at a blog that I follow Tall Skinny Kiwi

I may finally have met my match in patriotic zeal!  Let me say that I love your Haka! If I miss it, I feel as though I have missed out on the entire game!

Let me remind you too... that we ARE STILL THE REIGNING CHAMPS!

And when we win (again).... we will still love you too!  :-)

Looking forward to the opening ceremony and a feast of rugby! 

May the best team win... Us.... (Of course!)
Go Bokke!!

Ole ole oleeee!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bananas, Peasants & Schoolgirl Kisses

Do you remember the School Plays that you were in?

I remember being a banana in Std. 3 (Grade 5 now) in the production of "Senor Onion"! Oh my hat, I had to sing in the chorus in that, I believe that may have been theee last time I sang out loud in public! Oh, and the last time I ever wore a giant banana suit!  I still remember some of the words...."I'm a spotted banana, a spotted banana, that all people just love to munch, (something something something....) just hanging around in the bunch!"

I was a peasant by the name of Obadiah Bobblenob (I think!) in "The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew" in Std 6 (Grade 8), I loved this play, mainly because my English teacher at my school, Mr Fisher, was in charge of it - and really I do think it was the most fun of all the productions I was part of. 

Then there were the school  "House Plays" where in Std 8 (Grade 10) I was "the young girl" in "The Weymouth Generation"!  I remember that the "young boy" and the "young girl" had to kiss one another on stage. I am rather embarressed to admit now that we decided it was easier to just kiss one another than to fake it! *blush*... I was young - and he was cute. It was just one tiny moment and one scene - so...yes. I admit. We kissed. It was over. I believe I may really have blushed too.

It's no wonder then that I have grown up with a real love for live theatre and try to go as often as possible.  Some of my best memories are involved with school plays (more memories than just the "kiss!")

This week our School put on their play - A Kidsummer Night's Dream.  It's an adaptation to the Shakespeare play (obviously) and watching it, in all their costumes, and feeling their excitement as they get their dress and make-up done, just brought back all those memories.

School days - they really are some of your favourite memories!