Monday, February 14, 2011


Once, my man bought me flowers.
Yes, only once.

We were just married, no occasion, he just surprised me with them and my response was “What did you do?”. It was then he realized that perhaps I was not the most romantic chick on the planet. I asked him to please rather go with me to the nursery and buy a flowering shrub that we would both like and would last forever.

So what happens on Valentines Day? No prizes for realizing that we don’t *do* Valentines Day. We never have. Actually, I lie, we tried to *do* it about 5 years ago, my man booked a table at our then favourite restaurant.

He looked smart. I wore heels. Off we went.
I don’t think we were half way through our starter when we found ourselves in an argument the likes of which we had never had before. We left before we finished our main course. As we do when we have these differences, we sort them out right away. Chatting in the car, we realized that we both had taken on board the very high expectations that Valentines Day puts upon people, especially by the media. One tends to think of chick flick scenes… and let’s face it, life is NOT like in the movies!

So, instead of spending outrageous amounts of cash on ridiculous teddies, jewellery, chocolates and flowers for one day of the year, we prefer to be romantic in other ways every day – we’ll hang out together, chat over a glass of wine while cooking, sometimes I write little notes and stick them in his lunchbox, he will often buy a chocolate and hide it under my pillow for bedtime, we still hold hands, we phone each other during the day and I still have to tell him that I am putting the phone down or we would both still say “You put down”, we do everything we can together; and this is true of chores and fun stuff. He is my best friend.

I know that none of this sounds romantic – but to me it’s the everyday things that we do in our relationships that show our love and not the amount of money we spend once a year.

So tonight, there is no special dinner reservation, definitely no flowers, maybe chocolate, but only because its one of the things we do anyway... but I am looking forward to spending the evening with my man, perhaps heading to the beach for a glass of wine, and knowing that I must be the luckiest girl in the world.
(PS. This is not in anyway meant to throw cold water on your Valentines Day - It's merely how we choose not to spend it. Whatever you do to celebrate it - enjoy it! :o))


  1. You are so blessed to have each other and your relationship is an example to all!

  2. i agree with Trix, lovely to have such a good relationship:-)

  3. Yup - thats us too, lg.
    As you probably know.
    You two have such a great relationship which just grows stronger each year.
    So lekker!
    Enjoy whatever you do (or don't do) this evening.

  4. Not much going on here on Valentines be totally truthful, we only realised around lunchtime that it is the day of love! Heck, we love each other every other day of the year too;-D

    The only nice thing about Valentines is the mission's annual Valentines Ball which happens next Saturday.


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