Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Stuff

I am making pudding.

You’re wondering why that’s worthy of a blogpost, aren’t you?
Let me explain. When I make “a decent” supper its cause for celebration, so can you imagine the adoration I receive if I make pudding?

I am in the mood for some adoration –the last couple of days have been exhausting and my fantastic man, who loves to cook, has just stepped in and done the shopping and happily taken up the supper reigns. It won’t take a rocket scientist to realize how very easy it can become to take advantage of his kindness in this area. After all, if he enjoys it – why not let him just do it?

In my head that makes sense, but in the practicalities of it, it just ain’t right! I don’t work afternoons and he works so hard that I want to spoil him with good food but often my spirit is willing but ja, my flesh is weak!

Today – I have decided to outdo myself and make him a lovely meal, because I can cook (and cook well) and I am going to make him a delicious pudding to show him how extra sweet I think he is!

So now then… Onwards and Upwards woman – go thee forth and do it!



  1. Well I see you went forth and did it
    In spades.
    Girlfriend, do you HAVE to set the bar so high?!

    But ser-i-aas, it looks amazing - I think I should come wat there and watcg The Bach with you.

    PS: I agree, your man is a star!

  2. OOh - not concentrating!
    Revisit above comment: it should read "I think I should come eat there and watch The Bach with you."
    Tut Tut

  3. Looks yummy. In this house nobody ever gets a decent meal on a Friday...but then again DH and the boys are off to watch the Cheetah's and the Southern it will just be me:-)

  4. Oooo - I'm sorry, those are random pics of the dishes that I am cooking - hope mine end up looking as nice as those!

    Lynette - its a rare occasion that we eat a 'decent' meal on a Friday either..its usually a braai or something easy. Sounds like you have an easy round this evening too!

    Ma, you really should have watched the other one first!


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