Monday, June 24, 2013

Funny Mom Memory

I was driving with my mom along the highway this afternoon and the raining was pouring down.  I had this flashback to when I was probably about 9 and we were driving along the same highway, my mom and the then 3 kids, and it was also pouring with rain but her windscreen wipers decided to pack up en route.

I reminded her of this while driving this afternoon and commented that I remembered how scary that was and that she had reassured us that she could see fine and that we were not to worry.  

After telling her the story today, she laughed and said she vaguely remembers and she was pretty scared herself.


In 2005, My Man, My Girl and I went to Europe for the first time and My Girl was about 11. Due to a bit of a planning glitch we ended up in Alicante later than we expected and couldn't get to Calpe by train as planned. We had to find a taxi driver to take us. He spoke no English and we spoke no Spanish. After vigorously pointing at maps we got into the taxi and off we went. Driving on the wrong side of the road (to us), at a million miles an hour (it seemed), during some festival, my daughter sitting next to me asked anxiously "Are we going to the right place? Does he know where to go?" I reassured her that he lived there and knew exactly where we needed to go and that everything would be absolutely fine.

At the same time I was busy sms'ing my mom back home "Mom, I don't have clue where we are and if this bloke even knows where to take us and he drives like a lunatic!"  Within a minute I had received an sms back from Mom saying: "It's going to be fine Lis, he knows the place. These are the stories that make great memories one day. Don't worry about it, everything is going to be fine!"

It was fine and it did make for a great memory.

PS. I have to add that My Man, as always, took everything in his stride and wasn't in the least bit concerned about anything.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Wordpress Blues

I am having a huge issue and I really need a solution.

For about two months now I am unable to comment on any Wordpress Blogs.  It's never been a problem before and now suddenly WP wants me to log into my WP account before I can leave a comment.

I think if I can't get this sorted out soon, I may need to create a "Fake" Wordpress Blog just to comment from!

Eish!! Any suggested solutions will be appreciated!

* the next day: I left a comment on our School's WP blog and it worked. Since I am the administrator of that Blog, I know that I have not installed any of the latest plugins and upgrades.... maybe this could be a problem if one has?

Journeys & Destinations

We were in McGregor over the weekend and I took this photograph at the top of the mountain overlooking all the surrounding valleys.

The journey up the mountain was beautiful and unspoiled and the destination was worth every moment of the trip in the car. However, as I looked at the sign, I thought to myself (not about life so much, but more about waiting!) ... "I really do love the journey.... but sometimes getting to the destination is really good!!"