Monday, February 28, 2011

Thoughtful Pause

When one has children, a funny thing happens.
Suddenly ones eyes are opened as to how you behaved with your parents.  At various times since I became a mom I have apologised to my parents for my behaviour when I was younger. I only saw then what I must have put them through at the time.  After these few weeks, I feel there is something else I want to say:
To My Parents:
For all the times that I was sick and you lay awake to keep an eye on me,
For rushing me to hospital in the middle of the night,
For the food that you made to make being sick less awful,
For the colouring-in books and puzzles that you bought to keep me busy,
For the times that you lay with me when I couldn’t sleep...

Thank you for all of those things and so much more I have probably forgotten about.
I love you guys.

On a more practical note: "The patient" is feeling better and I am no longer Florence Nightingale. She is however, well enough for me to leave and I plan to do something fun and self indulgent on my own tomorrow.
Just because I want to.


  1. Great news and LOVE the new green. My fave colour x

  2. Great news...the green are you trying to convince sunner to linger longer?

  3. This blogs always been green! :) Its "Just One Thing" that is the autumn colours! But summer must stay!

  4. Ahhh thanks for my part of the thanks, poppet.
    We do it for love!

    I had to apologise to my own mom and thank her too, just the way you are doing.
    The wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round tra-la-la.

    And you know how it is - anything else would be unthinkable, impossible

  5. Allie...

    As a parent, anything else would be unthinkable, yes. xx


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