Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3rd Year Reflections

3 Years Baby!

I was reading this post which is what I asked for when we were due to come here. I had a good laugh, because I thought at the time that I had seen already that God had a better plan.... but 3 years down the line - I realise that I only saw part of it.

  • Had we lived in a big town (like I had asked for), we would have been lost in the masses and never made the friends we are making in our village.
  • Had we lived close to a gym (like I had asked for), I would never have gone to run in the forest.
  • For a spiritual home different to where we had come from (although that was very cool!) - we have that in that we are able to live out what we believe daily with a variety of faiths and cultures, which is (for me anyway) the best way of being.

Sometimes it's a bit of a bugger to realise that actually you do not know what is best for you, but a relief to know that Someone does.

If I think about it, I got exactly what I wanted ... but not in the way I expected.

3 years ago...

Christmas 2015

Forest walks
Time with new friends

Yes. This is the bestest best place for us.