Friday, January 28, 2011


Anyone that has been following Allie Chilling's Blog will know that our family has taken alot of strain over the last 6-8 weeks with the announcement that a sibling of mine is getting divorced. I don't believe anyone saw it coming, it hit us like a blow to the head (and heart). The family basically crawled into itself for weeks trying to come to terms with the news. We love the "in-law" dearly and the idea of the landscape of our family without them in it, is unthinkable.

I have watched people's reaction to the situation go from shock, to curious, to caring, to furious, to feelings of betrayal and to some even refusing any further friendship. I can understand all of those feelings.


Then I was reminded of this verse:

"God’s kindness leads you to repentance”. (Rom.2:4)

I thought over the times that as a believer I made really rotten choices, disappointed myself and God, and felt like I had failed – and yet the kindness of God drew me back because I knew, deep down, how much He loved me. No, he didn’t like the behaviour, the actions or the words … I knew that, and had to deal with those things with Him, but I knew that they never separated me from Him.

I also knew that God would not abandon me – I belonged to Him, and when one of His is stumbling on their journey, is not the time that He withdraws His kindness – it’s the time that kindness grabs your hand.

As believers, if we truly represent the heart of God can we be his physical hand of kindness to others, even when its difficult, uncomfortable and we disagree, can we assist them back to the heart of God rather than leaving them on the side of the road, beaten and bruised, and pass by like we never knew them….. and trust God do the rest?

His unrelenting love towards us knows no bounds.

We are coming to terms with it now - it's not been easy, it's still not easy. We trust that when God says that He brings something beautiful out of even the worst situations, that He will do that - Cos He is an awesome God and if He says He will do something... Hey, I believe Him!
So, peace that passes all understanding for this journey, for us all.


  1. Wonderful post, Me
    Let's grab His hand, and try to be the hand also for others

  2. Always hard and tough to deal with issues like this.

  3. Beautiful post. If we can only remember this when we are right there in the center of the storm.


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