Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Excitement Begins...!

It's 22h30 and I am sitting in a suite fit for a queen. I thought maybe they had given me the wrong room! I wish My Man was with me - he would love it!

It's been a whirlwind of a week of preparation. Getting my presentation ready, packing, making sure the presentation is saved in various places, timing my talk - I have not fallen asleep before 02h00 in the last couple of days for thinking about this week. I wasn't anxious, and am still not, but all night I kept thinking, what do I say, what do I leave out, should I have done anything differently?  I am sure you have experienced times when your mind is just overly pre-occupied and over active. I never battle to sleep, but after this week I have renewed sympathy for those that do struggle to.

I have just finished dinner at a table of 5 (and there are 20 of us) and have come away feeling completely inspired - and that's just listening to them talking about how they teach. Is my brain going to cope with all the great ideas this week?

This conference is all about understanding that the way that people learn, is changing. The 'old way' that children used to learn doesn't work anymore. It's boring and doesn't engage them. We, as teachers, need to find a new way to teach.  It's about understanding that this age is a technological one - and how can we incorporate technology into our classrooms to capture our kids and still teach them what they need to know.

It was rather funny when I realised that this mirrors my spiritual journey. The 'old way' of living out my faith, doesn't work for me anymore ~ it doesn't for a lot of people. Just like the teachers have realised there is a whole 'other way' of teaching, so there are those that are realising there is a whole 'other way' of living out our faith.

I am so excited about this week. I feel so honoured to be amongst these people to learn from them, to pick their brains and to go back to school and hopefully inspire others too.

There are times that I am overwhelmed by the grace of God. Today is one of those days.


  1. I think you will give others a lot of inspiration too!!! Enjoy..

  2. Stroller says:
    Sounds wonderful!
    I agree with Anne - I bet you inspire many others too.
    You do me


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