Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Confused July

It's winter.

Atleast, I was under the impression that it was.

Personally, I just think that I am very much loved and this warm weather is a tangible way of making up for me freezing my butt off last week.

Seriously though... July is meant to be a month where every person you meet moans and wails about how awful the weather is.

On Sunday we took the dogs for a walk and it was bliss. No wind and the sea was like glass as far as the eye could see. Pretty soon the whales will be frolicking in the bay! We have had so many dolphins this season too. Hard to believe that these are out there with our notorious great whites!

Today looks like it may be another beaut. So I am going to take my work to the beach this morning (aka "The Office" since I mostly do my prep there!) and soak up the heat and have a bottomless coffee.

It's the last bit of holidays - I feel the need to make the most of it!
Enjoy your week!

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  1. Allie says:
    Its been the mosr amazing few days, I agree.
    I think we all feel very spoilt.
    Love the pic of you guys with the dogs!
    I'm having to go "Anonymous" because of Bloggers weirdnesses these days


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