Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's really about people

I feel as though I am in a dream.
                                      Everything seems rather surreal.

These last few days have been an incredible experience for me.

Initially it was all about "what people had produced" and, believe me, they PRODUCED fantastic stuff. There was media used that I had never heard of and amazing topics exploring themes that ranged from Romeo & Juliet in R&B, teaching Grade R about shapes and how they change, investigating stereo-types, e-waste, etc. I could go on and on because there were 22 projects.

Now the 'hype' is over and I am left with this - I feel enriched by these people and not for their knowledge but I have met some just such lekker people. 

In the end - I will remember them long after I have forgotten their project no matter how good it was. I am hoping to be able to keep some of these new friendships alive and carry them on into "our real lives".

Tomorrow the workshops begin and it will be heads down - act like a sponge and suck it up!

What a week. What a life.


  1. You sound so energized and inspired;-)

  2. Come glow near me Lisa, even your writing is contagious, so happy for you. The Sha-ness


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