Monday, June 27, 2011

HD Ready?

My folks just got HD TV. 

You know how when you have always had a 'normal' TV picture, you don't know what you are missing until you see the HD picture of the TV next to it?

I feel like that about my spiritual life. For years I have been very happy and very comfortable, with my 'normal Christian life', and suddenly, alongside mine, I have seen a spirituality that is being lived in HD. It's high definition. It's bright!  It makes my spiritual walk feel dull.  This doesn't mean my walk has been / or is dull, in fact, I think my walk has been making me HD Ready!!  Recently I began browsing through blogs and sites of mind-blowing accounts of what people are doing 'out there' in real life, with people who are not yet believers, but who are seeking truth.

I recognised what I always felt I was looking for, but didn't know it was there.

I was offered an alternative to my nagging heart today. Perhaps it's not about wishing I could be part of it elsewhere, maybe its about experimenting with our faith with others who may feel like I do, right here.

Just get together... and see what God does. I'm not saying don't go to your Sunday meetings, of course go!

But rather as an extra dimension to our faith, in our desire to draw nearer to God in creative ways and draw other seekers along with us....why not try? 

I don't know why not.
I'm "HD Ready".

Are you?

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  1. :-)
    You know I am!
    Cannot wait to see what emerges!


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