Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Special Gift

Last night I had one of those moments that will stay with me forever.

We were with a group of people that we see reguarly and had gotten together for supper and to catch up after the holidays.

In the group is a young lady, wife and mother of a 3-month old. The family escaped from Ruanda and speak very little English although it is improving really fast. She has no work and has very little to call her own. I can't profess to know her well but what I do see is that she is always full of smiles, optimism and hope.

Last night out of the blue, she produced a hand made gift for me and the other ladies there. I was told later that she sat with a photograph she had of us and thought about what would suit us best. It was so unexpected and I felt so humbled. I have so much and she has so little, yet what she had she lovingly worked into something beautiful for me.

That sort of kindness and generosity is rare and incredibly moving.


  1. This must be one of the most precious gifts you have ever received...simple and out of a heart of gratitude.

  2. ah, how heartwarming. I had a similar experience when Milcah crocheted placemats for me. It really is so very humbling isnt it?

  3. Allie says:

    So lovely Lis!
    It causes such a mixture of intense and different emotions doesn't it?
    I have a Rwandan friend and she is also just like that.
    Precious people.

  4. Always makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I am surrounded by the opposite to the extreme and I dont think I would ever receive 'from the heart' generosity from the woman of the house my man maybe.


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