Friday, July 8, 2011

Bulleted Highlights...

  • Finding out I was going...*duh*, obviously.
  • Meeting Louise at the airport after my email and her interntional phonecall hook-up
  • Not sure if any of the 3 of us stopped talking long enough to breathe on the flight there
  • Not sure that Leonie stopped talking even while waiting for the luggage.... by her own admission
  • Meeting Leanne on the shuttle. 4 Ladies whose names start with "L" in one bus....
  • The Hotel Room - OMW!!!!
  • Conversations of every kind
  • The presentations - mind boggling. Wish I could see them all again. I don't remember doing mine not because public speaking makes me nervous - but judges do!
  • Getting fingerprinted. We can go back anytime now girls
  • The College itself. Unbelievably beautiful
  • John Davitts workshop and trying to convey how a periscope works via text messaging... yes. Really.
  • Trying to carry my backpack, my 'geyser' (renamed from 'hottie'), get coffee and food, all at once.
  • Not knowing how to keep warm that one FREEZING day
  • The Google Earth & Maps Workshop - Loved that one
  • Sitting in the sun with friends - when there was sun
  • Locking my stuff under Louise's bed
  • Needing the loo in the middle of the night and thinking - FORGET IT, it's too cold
  • Hanging out in the back row of the auditorium, being very distracted by 'someone with a Mac' taking special effects pic of us all.
  • Watching Louise win
  • Unbelievably great food and great organisation overall
  • Sitting at the edge one of the fountains in the sun, looking out through the arches and thinking how lucky am I
  • Laughing myself silly with Skattie Skattie. I think I am going to post that actually.*
  • Never having coffee that was actually piping hot
  • The Gala Dinner. What a night. I am sure pictures will be emerging from various sources in a few days. I am sure that I will have embarressed myself badly but I have got to make the most of every opportunity to d.a.n.c.e since it's not My Mans favourite activity
  • The Black Eyed Peas - Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night. Love, l.o.v.e, LOVE it. Can't help myself. Truth be told... I don't really care. You only live one. Why go to gym if you can dance. That's my motto.
  • The bus ride back...and seeing where my camera had been! :)
  • Watching the 2 guys come down the airport ramp literally riding their trolleys
  • It wasn't lekker to say goodbye ... I didn't like that. Not one bit.
................................ I am sure that I have left tons out

To summarise really - the highlights revolved around meeting, sharing with, hanging out with and learning with and from people that I became really fond of in a short space of time.  Maybe because we are like-minded in education, maybe its just, well, just because. Whatever the reason. It was good.

So, now it's over. I'm a little sad but at the same time pretty amped to try and use some of these new found tools and ideas...

We'll have to make do with FB, Tweets, Skype, and whatever else until we all meet again!

*  Skattie Skattie - is a remake of Justin Biebers song "Baby, Baby". It formed part of a presentation this week, done by a High School Afrikaans Teacher. His goal, with his Afrikaans 2nd language students, was to extend their vocab in order for them to communicate better. What he did, amongst other things, was to let them choose a song, and they had to translate it into Afrikaans and present it in whichever way they chose.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time...and probably took you back to your student days;-)


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