Friday, March 18, 2011

What the Heck?

What the HECK happened to this week?

Wasn't it just Monday?  What did I do this week?  I really can't recollect.

I think I went to the dentist. We won't talk about that. Although everything was fine.


And thats not even fair because the dentist I go to now has never ever hurt me.
Yet, I still break out in a cold sweat at the idea of going. 

What else?

I had to postpone coffee dates with three friends this week, which is something I never do. 
I've been working more hours than I am meant to - but I {heart} my job and so just carry on when I should leave. Especially now that I have all these a.m.a.z.i.n.g. plans of lessons and projects
I want to do with my kids.

We went for dinner with two great couples, one visiting from out of town
and the other from 'over the mountain'.

Whew. I give up. It's just been a chaotic week. It's been a great week.
I do feel a little like a hamster on a wheel. Before we blink it will be Easter - then Christmas!

I want to live this day and this moment....

Because tomorrow we paint the house....

And then it begins again....



  1. I think I love that picture going to steal it and make it my new profile pic. The time can movequickly until the 5th of May and then the next 10 days must take a go slow.

  2. This year is really going at such a pace, it scares me...just two weeks then we are in the 4th month...yikes.

  3. I think God should bless you with a slower pace. a dreaming place. and all the things that make a happy heart.

  4. Debs - I know why you want it to go fast! :) Something great to look forward to.

    Lynette - It's insane,isn't it? It feels like it was just Christmas the other day.

    Trix - Fortunately, my heart is happy in spite of the business. I think he knows I thrive in an active space - a bit of dreaming space would be nice though!


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