Monday, March 21, 2011

The Weekend that Was - Hot.

Do you remember that I said we would be painting our house this weekend?  We did.  We are not quite finished but then it wasn't as though we had an entire week. The weather played ball, (and so did the cricketers and our rugby side!) the sun shone! It was a HOT weekend:  Sportswise and Weatherwise!   

My Man dashed off on Saturday morning at sparrow to go and collect our pre-mixed paint that we had chosen.  (While I watched the cricket, can't miss that, you know! Priorities!) Anyway, back to the paint. In the shop it had looked slightly browner than the olive green in the bucket - but we set off with great gusto, paintbrushes in hand, chairs to stand on, and a great amount of enthusiasm. This was dampened temporarily.

"Why? Why?" I hear you asking.

"Because" I say,  "BEFORE you actually get to paint, do you realise how many ODD JOBS have to be done to prepare?"

There are things to be spackled,  Painters'mated, things to be filled and drilled, removed, brushed and cleaned - it's like having to springclean outside the house before you can tidy it.  Does that make any sense? 

Personally, I think we did very well for two people and three days. He rollered, and I had the thrilllllling job of edging of windows, base of walls and behind pipes. We have one more big wall to do and then, ta-daaaaa, it shalt be complete!!

We have declared this the year of the house. When the house is painted, we have great ideas for redoing the garden.  My Man has created a spread sheet of  'dreams and schemes'  - a kind of  "to do" list for home. Some things we can do now ourselves and others are dreams that will need to be saved for and looked forward to.

The previous home we bought had been lived in by tenants who cared nothing for the property. The swimming pool was black and stuff lived in it - I'm not kidding!  The grass was thigh high and the paint inside and out was basically peeling off the walls. I think people thought we had lost the plot when we bought it, but we love a challenge and within a couple of years it was painted, the pool redone, the kitchen redone, the garden gorgeous and we loved every minute of the "Extreme Home Makeover".

Now it's time to continue with this home. 

It's the year of the house for this "Dream Team".
Bring out the checklist.


PS - we won the cricket.  Yay. Just saying .... it's our year!!


  1. Seriously? Only you and the man could actually have fun PAINTING YOUR HOUSE on the hottest day this summer! Crazy peeps.

    Forgot to swing past today - cant wait to see the colour.

  2. Mel... we're suckers, we enjoy it, what else can I say - and besides - the amount we'd have to pay a company to do it, we could fly overseas about 4 times!! So, its a no brainer really.

    Pop in anytime - house is carnage cos we are going to be revarnishing floors... but you are welcome.

  3. We girls ALWAYS get the job to do around edges, behind gutters and around windows...WHY? Well done on getting this done in three days...that is amazing.

  4. Hi Lynette!

    I think because we have the patience for it! Thanks, hoping to finish off this weekend, weather permitting. We've had some rain... so we will have to see.


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