Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As I was drifting off to sleep last night my brain was still very much awake. I was mulling over various posts I had seen on FB and on blogs, talking about Rob Bell’s new book that will be making it’s appearance in September.  (Hopefully!)
How do we get to mudslinging members of our own spiritual family without so much as even reading the material before publically slating them and it?  We wonder why the world looks at Christians and find them unattractive. Between our attitudes for one another and our judgements on not-yet-followers, is it any suprise that people are not attracted to Christ?
When asked about my faith I never say “I am a Christian”. I say…”I am a follower of Christ”.  
That’s when it happened. I imagined a conversation with a person.  Have you ever done that? Rehearsed a conversation in your head?

Someone to Me:   “So, are you religious?”
Me: “I prefer not to think so, why?”
Someone: “But I heard you are a Christian?”
Me: “Well, actually I prefer to think of myself as a follower of Christ.”
Someone: “Really, does He have a blog? Does he tweet?”  Can I follow Him too?”
That’s where the conversation in my head ended – but the analogy started. 

What if HE did have a blog?  What would he write?
  • Would he ask questions like he did of his followers then – prodding them to think for themselves?
  • Would he write stories to illustrate his point and allow people to find the point!
  • Would he write out a "10-Steps to Succeed in your Spiritual Life" that needs to be strictly adhered to – No questions asked!  
Based on what we know about Him... which of these 3 are morely likely?
And, what if you did want to be a follower on his blog - would you tick the “Follow Publically” or “Follow Anonymously” box.
I know you are thinking that I am going to plunge into a speech about not being ashamed if you say "Anonymously"… (yada yada), but actually, I’m not going to do that at all.
We all know that people are wired differently. Some are naturally more outgoing and extrovert and others more private and conservative.  Don’t you know that He knows exactly how you are wired? Do you not think that He will use you as you are as long as you are willing? Stop trying to be someone or something else.
We are in him, and he is in us.  I don’t think Jesus minds how we follow him; the main thing is that we do follow.  How can Christ be attractive to not-yet-believers when we are so critical of one another?
It’s time to stop making judgement calls on other people’s spirituality, it’s time to extend grace, it’s time to show love, it’s time to show compassion and mercy.
It's time to be OK with questions and conversations.
It's time.
It’s time to be an accurate reflection of Christ in our family and in our community. 


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