Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Note to Self...

Last year I joined the gym.
Don’t laugh.

I believe I am typical of the common person who joins in January filled with guilt and horror over the kilo’s they’ve gained for their sins in the past year. I am probably also typical in that it starts with fireworks and fizzles into a mere *poof* within a month.

Last year was extraordinary in that I actually WENT – well for 8 months anyway. I can take no credit for my determination. You see, I had some help from a higher power, i.e. A person with a camera. You all know that shot that shows your every bulge, the double chin, the batwings, the muffin top … oh dear Lord… all of those in ONE photo is enough to shock anyone into the parallel universe of gym bunnies and lycra – which is where I ended up, (minus the lycra and more of a guinea pig than a bunny, but at the gym none-the-less.)

I was so horrified by "the photo” that I actually became “one of those people” who have a gym routine, and something miraculous happened – I LOVED IT. (Not enough to ever wear lycra though.)

However, tragedy struck in that we went on holiday for about a month, which in itself was not tragic, it was awesome, but the tragedy was that I lost my gym mojo and it remained hidden for the balance of 2010.

Have you ever tried to GO BACK to gym… No? Well, it’s flippin’ difficult! As much as I know in my head how great it made me feel, the beckoning of, well, anything else really, felt more enticing than facing that treadmill. I know that there are people who will look down their noses at me and sneer “Treadmill? Hit the streets with the fresh air!” – but potholes, pavements and pedestrians don’t rate up there with me when I want to run. You may not understand – but that’s how it is.

So, here we are in 2011. I have been to gym two days in a row *faint* and that familiar *love/hate* thing is beginning again. So, today I am going to remind myself WHY I love going:

  1. I feel like I can conquer the world when I am finished (or at the very least, possibly the dishes)
  2. I feel lighter (only in step… but its going to happen!)
  3. I feel happy!... I realise this is like an hormonal thing, but who cares! Who doesn’t want to feel happy???
  4. I love that I have energy – more than normal even.
  5. I drink water!!! Now if you know me, you will know I hate the stuff. But I know its good for me and I do drink lots of it when I exercise.
  6. I love the music and meeting (or maybe just greeting) people there and getting to know them
  7. I love seeing I have a semblance of a muscle on my upper arms and calves!
  8. I love going to Woolies afterwards and finding really healthy food for supper. (The logic here is that I avoid shopping later, because we all know how much I love shopping…NOT!)
So next time I feel like gym is too much of a schlep…I’m going to remember “the photo" and read this “Note to Self” –” then give myself a good @$$-kicking, and send myself off to join the bunnies.

Have fun!


  1. Hey neighbor..you go girl! Maybe you could take my thighs along with you? :) personally i plan to take the dog walking.....any day now.....

  2. ah, there's nothing like an endorphin high:-)
    Saying that, I am still trying to convince myself to start running again...Definitely one of these days now ;-)

  3. :-( i am really really trying to remember the days when I went to gym...and why i loved it.

  4. Let's make a deal - we try and walk the dog, go for that run, and find our way back to the gym... beause we know we love it when we do!

  5. Love the new look,peace girl
    But the green writing is hard to see - specially where the comments thingie is.
    Have put the word out on my space

  6. I am over from Allie's blog...and I follow Mel. Met them both "in real life"...and if you are family you can only be just as nice as them. Your mom is right, you are a natural. Great post and the treadmill is not THAT bad, I spend 45 minutes on it every day.

  7. Thanks! Looking into the colour thingy, just saw that too!

    Lynette - Wow!45 min?! You deserve a medal, I think when I do 20 minutes I am a hero!Thanks for popping it to say Hi, lovely to meet you. :)


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