Thursday, January 13, 2011

Puppy Blues.....

What to do?
I don’t want this puppy.
I don’t want this puppy.
I don’t want this puppy.

Yes, you’re thinking ….that face, so cute, how can you not want it?

We have had 21 years (and counting) of looking after our own child which is what parents do and we love it.

“I promise I will do everything.”How naïve I am.
How stupid.
  • The minute I let her in, she pees in 5 different places.
  • We end up feeding her and cleaning all the mess.
  • She ‘scratches’ in the kitchen water bowl and ends up with a pool all over the place that I have to clean up.
  • She chews my carpets and my furniture and terrorises the older dog to such a degree that he cowers and runs away if he even sees her, and we struggle to even get him into the garden for fear of her.
  • We never had white couches with a child – but have them now and they are in worse shape than they would have been with a kid, because the puppy insists on jumping on them, usually with wet paws after scratching in the water.
In short… she really has just ruined a small part of my life.
Granted, a small part, but it’s a part that we have earned.
The part that felt we are grown up now, as is our child, and finally we can just chill at home. We can put away ‘cleaning up after people and dogs’… but the truth is, it’s more work than a child of the equivalent age and I don’t have the grace for it that I would have with a child.

To top it all off – I just bought a lovely giant muffin from the Spar as a reward for cleaning up this morning and the blasted thing is RAW and SLOPPY in the middle.

Ah well, on the up-side..... One can still have coffee! :)

Take care,



  1. What I think is "TEARS" !!!
    Whether it meets with approval or not.
    TEARS. Or equivalent.
    Life is too short; and you're right, you have earned this space in life.

    And don't be like me: take the soggy mess back to Spar when you are next down there and complain.
    And get something else as your reward.
    You've earned that too.

    May I quote you back to you?
    " Peace be da journey "
    Seems that aint gunna happen while the pup is in da house. . .

  2. aagh - I am laughing so much Lisa!!That is annoying but sooo funny! Especially the doughnut!!!! I feel your pain!!I love your blog - keep it up xx

  3. Ja, you will feel my pain having done the same...! The food was just the final straw for me! :-)


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