Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About THAT Puppy....

It wasn’t long ago that in absolute blind desperation I penned this post.

Since that post our relationship with said “puppy owner” has suffered as we requested that the promises made would be kept. We were not hugely successful and eventually we made peace with the fact that the puppy would have to stay – definitely not for the "puppy owner" or for us – but for our other dog, who is 3 years old and who absolutely LOVES the puppy.

As the pup has grown, I have been training her and it’s been so much fun: She sits (owner-taught), but now we’ve also taught her to stay, and will more often than not, lie down if asked to, fetches the ball, and won’t take food from your hand until told that she may.

Obviously being only 3 months old, she is still easily overwhelmed with excitement and sometimes needs to be asked more than once to do what she is told – but hey – we never get our kids to listen to us the first time either!

The long and the short of it is – from not wanting this puppy, we have come to really enjoy her and she is fitting in beautifully now that adjustments have been made at home for her and for us.

Peace … in the home.


  1. Loved this! You are brilliant to be able to teach such a young pup all those things. In the end I know you will just LURVE her to bits!! They just creep into out hearts - even when we try and keep them out. So here's to you for making a bad situation turn out so good!!!!

  2. Good on ya. I, of course, could think of NOTHING worse than having to train a puppy!! Glad you having fun with them hounds.

  3. so glad its beginning to work out puppy wise:-)

  4. A puppy for your dog? Very sweet post...and a happy, happy birthday to you.

  5. Thanks people! Ja, it does feel a bit like a puppy for our dog! :o)..She is creeping into our hearts rather fast tho!

    Had a lovely birthday Lynette -thank you for your wishes.

  6. Happy Bday to you for yesterday (over from Allie's). I think it is sweet to keep her and dogs after all likes their own sort of company too.

  7. Hi Cat! Thanks for popping over and the birthday wishes!

    Yes,if I was ever in any doubt that dogs liked company of their own kind, I know that they do now!


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