Friday, February 28, 2014


(imported from my WP blog)
I took both of these photographs in Italy in 2007.  I have always loved what I call "bits of green".  In the natural these plants, embedded in the walls of ancient ruins, need soil and water at the very least, to survive - let alone blossom.  Yet, in spite of their obvious challenges, they have defeated the odds and blossomed in spite of them.
I just felt God saying to me that when a seemingly impossible situation occurs, don't throw up your hands saying "I give up, this is too hard!" Like these "bits-of-green", face your situation and say, "If the Creator of all things can allow a plant to blossom in a rock, He will sustain me and use this difficult time to not only help me break through it, but will allow me to bloom and be beautiful in the end."
Then, just as you admire these bits-of-green, others can see your life and say, "Wow, how awesome is this God who blossoms in the impossible!"


So, what do you think?