Wednesday, February 26, 2014

About Fresh Stuff

Wednesdays are fast becoming a favourite day. My assignments are handed in and I have a day to breathe and relax before I start the next one.

At least 3 times a week I head off to my 'bestest" coffee shop, (which may become my "office" as the beach was!). I order my Cuppacino and when I feel I need it, a nice bacon and egg breakfast.

I love pottering around the Market for all my fresh produce. Usually when you go into a chain store, its pushing the cart, and endless things on shelves, and people and queues, and often (well, anyone who knows me knows I loathe shopping) it's just a pain in the neck.

Somehow the market is different: open air and wide open spaces, time to just stand and stare, not feel flapped if the cashier takes too long because you are too busy trying to understand what the lovely farmer lady is saying to you. So just nod and smile.  I am getting a little better in French now, and have a couple of phrases that I can get away with.

After I have done my shopping, I usually head off for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee - each time to a different place. This morning a friend and I went to one that reminded me so much of Kalk Bay - just the people were not as friendly!

I have found myself wondering about how our food is grown. I say this because if I go into a chain store and buy carrots, they can last up to 3 weeks and still appear fresh.  When I buy them from the market, if they are not used within 4-5 days, I can throw them out.   What on earth preserves them for so long?

It got me to thinking about how good it is to hear freshly from God.  It isn't healthy to survive, or make-do with old revelations that stagnate - but to hear freshly from him, to be re-ignited into a new experience - that's just the best thing ever.

We are still looking for a spiritual family here. Podcasts from home are not the same as a local community of friends that you feel you belong with.

In the meantime, we know He is with us here, He is evident in so many ways, big and small, and perhaps there will be a fresh expression for us in the future.  For now, I plan to just keep enjoying the journey and being open to the experiences we have.


  1. What a great post - in SOOO many ways!
    You're a phenom, child!
    Enjoying the journey . . .


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