Monday, February 3, 2014

Braaivleis, Sunny Skies, Theatre & Cricket

Time has flown by. It feels as though we have just arrived back in Cpt and it's time to head back 'home'.

Mom and I share a birthday - and celebrate with a (very full) glass of wine
and a lovely dinner out.
Some expats from various countries had exclaimed at how unwise we were to come back here so soon, saying that we wouldn't want to leave and go back - but, as much as we have loved the visit, I am not sobbing into a pillow wishing I didn't have to return. 

We have done most of what we wanted to do here. We wanted to be here for my Moms 70th and just hang with family and friends. I've been so happy to see the nieces and nephew! Time is marked by how children grow even when it feels as though nothing else has changed!

Enjoying my now rather grown up niece

There are a handful of people on the other side of the mountain and sea, that I would love to have seen, but transport was a thing.

It was lekker to shop the Kalk Bay strip with my mom and sister and soak up the whole Kalk Bay vibe. 
Excellent to hang with mom and sister and do the Kalk Bay crawl!

We have stayed at my folks and been able to hang at their place as though it were our own, we've seen Our Girl almost every day, we've had meals with friends, and visited places where the views can leave you speechless, we've been to open air theatre and a cricket game - we've had cocktails and braaied - we've had sunny skies everyday.  Sunny SA (and even when it's not sunny) - is just a treat!

Beautiful long sunny days and gorgeous sunsets - happiness!

Now it's back to negative temperatures, rain and sleet, to coats, scarves, boots and beanies - and I am excited about feeling that fresh cold air, about forest walks with dogs and bird watching, about exploring, about greeting bus drivers and seeing new friends again, about learning French and spending time in my fave coffee shop with my book and a crossword. 

I feel very blessed to be able to be so happy in two very different surroundings.


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to your family and to beautiful Cape Town. I am also happy that you are excited about getting back to your adopted home. xx

  2. Lovely blog Lis! and that pic of the sunset!
    Great to see you today and chat!
    Have a safe flight back and enjoy the dogs and your walks again!

    1. Ja, lovely sunset hey! So glad you made it out for breakfast, lekker to see you again so soon. Dogs are home, bathed and clean and leaving muddy footprints everywhere - so back to normal! x

  3. Ahh Lis!
    It was so lovely having you guys here -
    And see you enjoying the great weather and family and friends
    Doing the stuff you love to do - with the gusto that you always have :-)

    It was also great to see that you have really made the leap and now think of Lux as 'home'
    And here, as being on holiday.
    That's pretty amazing in such a short time.

    It made a big difference to saying goodbye at the airport, knowing that you were excited about getting back and picking up your new life there.
    Enjoy every moment!

    1. It was amazing to be there and so glad we could stay with you. A treat waking up every day and having you right there!

      It is home, but as I said to you today, I was sadder than I thought I would be on the plane thinking it will probably be a year before we were back... not the 6 months like now.

      However, we have picked up where we left off and it was lekker to pick up the dogs, refill the bird feeders, see our forests and yes, it was kinda nice to be home too.

      Can't wait to show you soon.

  4. Such a surreal experience, day you're there, then you were here and now you're back would take me a while to process that whole experience-you are such an encouragement to me-Enjoying every moment, taking one day at a time and making the most out of every experience........thanks for sharing!

    1. It is quite surreal actually now that you put it that way. Thanks for the kind comment! :) I don't know of any other way than one day at a time - although now and again I find myself thinking about the "what-if's" of the future, which are seldom fun. That's a good time to head out for a walk or a run! Have a lekker weekend Nix!

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I think Cape Town is the perfect holiday destination;-) As for you getting back home, I am interested as always to see what happens next…;-D

    1. Hi there!!
      We did have a lekker time. I agree CPT is the best! It was chaotically busy though, will need to plan better time management next time around. Been back just over a month! Time flies..... :)


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