Monday, March 3, 2014

My Man's Best Intentions are Best!

On Friday last week My Man and I were chatting via Whatsapp - of course the usual question came up from him... "So, what's for supper?"

We had this fun little chat about really, really wanting slap chips from our Cpt local fish 'n chips shop.

So, without me knowing that afternoon, he left work about 1/2 hour early with the intention of going to find some chips from somewhere, he knew they wouldn't be "our slapchips" - but he wanted to surprise me.

Of all the days, he leaves work early, in the pouring rain, without his umbrella, and no shelter, and the buses scheduled to arrive sooner, didn't come. In fact, the first bus to come was about 15 minutes AFTER his usual "leaving work" time.

About 4 stops after he got on, the bus-driver pulled over at one of the stops, saying he's late and has to start his route again, and so everyone must get off the bus and wait for another one.... in the rain!

Eventually, the next bus came, he hopped on and took the bus to the city where he had to connect to home. By this time, it was so late that he didn't have time to find chips.  He arrived home well after 19h00, which is an hour later than usual - without the chips... 

He only told me when he got home how he had planned to surprise me - what a guy.
I am so very thankful for him.

* * * 

That was going to be the end of my post - but I just received this Whatsapp from him right now...

But I have made him a lekker supper....  and put the kettle on.


  1. love it! So Don! Bless him!

  2. still a hunter gatherer - even if it is chips in a foreign land :)

    1. Thanks T! Giving me a good laugh!


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