Monday, February 17, 2014

The Bleh Day...

I really am not a fan of those days that you wake up with that feeling of "Bleh".

Today is one of those days. I don't have them often - in fact hardly ever, but this morning I woke up and there it was.  I wanted to say that "out loud" - and then move on, hence the Blog. The last thing I want is pity which is why I considered not sharing this post. However, in case you are considering a big move, perhaps it would be good to see that no matter how much you love your new place, you can still have days that you wish you could bring all your people to you!  I am very practical about this -  I knew there would be days like this initially, and so was half waiting for it. Now it's here and tomorrow it will be gone!

I sat on the bus on the way to work with My Man, thinking that it just feels too much like hard work to make friends and learn a new language. Today I just wanted to be with someone who had knows me, that I can just chill with, where it's easy and I can make a joke that is understood and not have to explain it.

Today just feels hard.

I am trying to focus on completing my assignment, but my mind is wandering and I can't sit still. To make it worse, I just spoke to My Man and he is having a Bleh day too.

I think tomorrow I will take Jack for an outing to the city - he has never been before and it will be fun to see how it goes. I'll pack a picnic breakfast, a flask of coffee and some water for him, take the camera and see what happens....

Ooooo!!  The sun just came out - think I will head off for a quick walk!


  1. you're not alone.......we had a bleh day today too ;-( hope tomorrow is better! lots of love xxxxx

    1. Hey Nix...
      Here's to today... hopefully a non-bleh day for you too! xx

  2. I think yesterday was International bleh day! Bruno also had one! And last night too! Looking forward to pics of Jack in the city! love and hug!

    1. :) Perhaps hey!

      Love to you guys and to Bruno - am sure today will have lots more sparkle for us all.

  3. This was me three weeks ago...I was so blue and I still don't know why. Fortunately my man knows me better than I know myself and he was tender with me. Hope you feel on top of the world again tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Lynette. Turned out to be a tough-ish week. Feeling much better now though - I hope you are too?


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