Monday, January 13, 2014

Ndifuna ukuthetha isiXhosa

I have this "fantasy" that plays out in my head occasionally and it always makes me laugh.
More about that later.

Last week a black couple with a toddler climbed onto the bus. I am sorry if you are offended by "black", it's meant to be descriptive and not racist! They spoke French which always takes me by surprise!

Now back to my fantasy - I have this little scenario that plays out in my head, where I am either on a bus or walking in the city and I notice some black people walking towards me and as they pass, they are speaking Xhosa!  I will go up to them and say "Molo Squeeza!  Kunjani namhlange?" (Hello sister, how are you today?)  She will say "Sikhona, ninjani? (I'm fine, you?) and I will say.... "Eish, kuyabanda namhlange. Ndifuna ikofi!" (Eish, it's cold today. I want coffee!) We would talk loudly and gesture a lot and then yell "Hamba Kahle" (go well!) to one another as we parted ways and continue on our respective journeys.

It's a lovely little fantasy - isn't it funny the things you miss when you are away!


  1. You are homesick already? Sending warm hugs.

    1. LOL Lynette, homesick may be putting it a little strongly, but just suddenly there are odd things that I miss. On the whole am feeling overwhelmingly settled. But will take the hugs happily.

  2. Love! I have forgotten all the xhosa I had learnt so would not be able to have that conversation. Maybe I should get my nanny to reteach me!?

    1. Why not hey!?

      Don't be overly impressed - I don't really remember that much either - wish I had paid more attention in class too!


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