Monday, January 20, 2014

Heavenly Weekend

This weekend the sun tried to force its way through misty grey skies but never really succeeded.

We've learnt not to let the weather dictate our days and on Saturday we took the dogs and did a really nice new 8k forest walk. It was one that we had only ever done part of and it was fun to see where it wound its way to.

On Sunday, we took the Beast and headed South to do a 9k circular hike. We didn't take the dogs today since we wanted to be able to just enjoy our own time together and knew that we would head off for something to eat on the way home.

The hike was probably one of the nicest we have had here so far. We went from river to vineyard to forest to farm - through mud, on grassland tracks and a little bushwhacking thrown in. We just never knew what to expect next.  It took a few hours but we stopped to enjoy the views, to chat and photograph - it was just a magical weekend.

I wish every day was weekend so we could do this - everyday!


  1. If only...we could just have weekends. Now that is a thought. It is beautiful in your neck of the woods.

    1. Had a good little laugh at your "in your neck of the woods" bit there.... because it quite literally is!

      Weekend every day,.... *sigh* - would be awesome!

  2. That so does sound heavenly! Love walking but so don't do enough of it…

    1. I find that getting out there is usually the most difficult part, but once you make up your mind and just do it - its so lekker that you think "I really should do this more often!" .... and then the cycle starts again of convincing yourself to go! :D


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