Monday, October 8, 2012

Entertaining and Accepting

Just because of who I am, I filter everything through a spiritual lens.

Years ago, "the church" (with good intention) sought to isolate "their people" from "everyone else", the result of this being that "their people" made the (incorrect) assumption that anyone who didn't think like them was unacceptable. Christians didn't entertain friendships outside of "the church" and refused to entertain any thoughts or views, other than their own.

The result of this is what we have now, where "everyone else" feels judged by "the church".

It was wrong. There, I said it. 

I really value my friendships (some in their infancy) with people from other faiths, backgrounds and lifestyles, and have found our conversations sometimes more rewarding than others in terms of honesty and vulnerability. 

We don't have to think the same, or accept another's view as our own for us to be friends and to share our lives. I think we just have to be honest. 

What do you think?


  1. I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree! Glad someone is sensible enough to say it ;-)

    1. Thanks! I was feeling sensible at the time! ;-)

  2. Its refreshing to talk to people who think differently.
    Or rather to listen to them :-)
    I do think the church has changed its stance significantly these days however - or some churches, anyway.
    And yay for that . . .
    Nice post, Lis

    1. Hey there,
      Yes, I agree, it's definitely changed, which is why this is all written in the past tense. Personally, I am very thankful for our community who are so NOT like that! :)

  3. Perhaps I am opening up a debate- and perhaps this blog is not the right place; but you did ask for opinions and you get mine for free!
    I read this over coffee this morning and have been thinking a lot about it since then- so felt I needed to comment because I have been there; done that and sat on both sides of the "church" fence.
    Unfortunately, very few "church" people have the view you have written about. There hasn't been enough change- There is still very much an "us" and "them" element that is portrayed by church goers. Unfortunately this legacy has left many "worldy/unchurched/ex-churched" people with a very bitter view about the church and the people who go there!
    As a previous avid church-goer; and now a staunch non-church-goer; I have listened to conversations on both sides of the fence and am still saddened when I hear the negative views the world have of both christians and the church. I think, because I am no longer a "church-goer" I hear more from people than I would if I was still a church-goer.
    It is time for the church or its people; to try and close the gap; and do things differently- start a revolution- because the divide between the 2 groups is huge.....Many people I know, myself included; will not set foot in a church again- so its down to entertaining and accepting- people assume, because I don't go to church; I have abandoned my faith- how wrong they fact I have built up my faith through "entertaining and accepting"- just like the early church did back in the day- before it became an overly organised institution.
    So yes, your opinion is right- it is is just sad there are too few like you out there.


    1. Thanks so much for the comment Carol! This is a discussion worth having anywhere.

      I had the exact same experience when I saw this pic on FB. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It bugged me until I wrote this and it was as though I HAD to say this or else I wouldn't have any peace.

      I agree with you in that I also experienced people with an "us/them" attitude, but I have also encountered others who used to have this attitude, that have had a wake up call and realise how misguided they were.

      I guess we have to bear in mind that it took centuries for "the church" to do this kind of damage, and it is not going to be undone overnight. I take heart in the fact that I am meeting more and more people who are "church-goers" who share my view, and are doing everything they can to close the gap and start the "entertain & accept" revolution. After all, Jesus was a revolutionary! ;-)

      I am sorry that the Church has hurt you to the degree that you won't go back, and I can't fix that, but I am relieved to know that your faith in God who loves you and wouldn't hurt you,is still in tact.

      I will take your comments & opinions for free anytime! Thanks again for your input!


  4. It is sad when people become so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good...and that is what happens when it is us vs them. How do we reach the world with the love of God if we can only judge and feel superior.

    Thanks for writing this.

    1. Absolutely Lynette.
      Thanks for the comment. :)


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