Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The God Who Waits

I've heard people question the grace and mercy of the "Old Testament God", saying that he was angry and without mercy and yet they see the "New Testament God" as loving and kind.

On the surface, if diving randomly into Scripture, one could be forgiven for thinking that, but this is the danger of reading randomly without context. On deeper study however, what one will discover is that Scripture is a love-letter from his heart to us, with his story poured out and how we are still part of it.   We will find too that he has always been, and will always be, the SAME God - loving, kind, just and merciful.

This was once again just brought to my attention in the account of Methuselah and the Flood. Methuselah's name means "His death shall bring" ... He was the oldest person to ever live - 969 years!

It's far easier to see God portrayed in a "bad light" in the Flood, than to see that that this was actually an act of mercy.

It's taken me a long time to say what only needs a shortish sentence actually:

The year that Methuselah died - the Flood happened.

For me it's amazing that God held out on judgement for SO LONG since mankind had become so depraved.  He waited for as long as he possibly could - it was his mercy that withheld judgement for that long.

He is loving - but he is also a God of justice.

This is a merciful balance.


  1. Another beautiful, thought provoking post. Thanks LG.

  2. And still today, He waits.
    Wanting everyone possible to come to the saving knowledge of His Son. (2 Peter 3:3 - 9)
    And yes, I agree with Lynette, thanks hon


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