Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Pretend...

I came across this while I was at work sourcing music for my Grade 8 & 9's. I have always loved classical music - in fact, I love most genres of music!  As I watched this piece though, I had a thought. Humour me.

  • If we can pretend that the piano represents God and his plans
  • If we can pretend that the conductor is the Holy Spirit
  • If we can pretend that the orchestra are the followers of Christ

I notice some things:
I hear the piano more than I hear the orchestra:- God gets the glory
The orchestra needs the conductor:-  He guides them to where the pianist needs them to play
I barely hear the orchestra at times:-  Yet they are written into, and are essential to the piece

By each playing our part, whoever we are and wherever we are, we take our place in the symphony that can reach any heart with a beautiful redemption song.


  1. Yes! Always knew beautiful classical music was God inspired! Lovely analogy.

  2. Love this Lis! Going to share it, k?

  3. Wow...mind blowing analogy. Beautiful post.

    1. Thanks Lynette.
      Glad you enjoyed it too!


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