Friday, February 8, 2013

Dreams & Desires

I know that God knows the desires of ones heart....
                                                           it's possible He put them there in the first place.

When it seems there is a possibility that your desires may become reality it's amazing how suddenly one can be overcome with all kinds of irrational fears.

My prayer is that these irrational fears never stop us from pursuing our adventure in Him.


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    1. :) ... I need a "like" button so I can like responses!

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    1. You of all people I know would understand this! So I am happy its not only me who feels this way! :)

  3. I believe He puts them there Lis......something like He knows our very thoughts before we think them/pray them.....and then because He is just such a cool Dad he makes them happen, just because He loves you and He can! Never let those irrational fears stop you from receiving HIs gifts. Hold on to HIs promises and rest in the truths that He reveals to you.......p.s I am loving pursuing that dream of becoming a trail runner ;-)

    1. Hi Niks,
      Yes, I agree, that as a believer He does put them there and I love that we don't even have to pray something for him to answer it! You're right, He is cool like that! Thanks for the encouragement, really appreciate it and must say, enjoying pursuing the trail running adventure with you!
      See you soon.


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