Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's about the Musician

"He who hears not the music thinks the dancer is mad." 
~ African Proverb ~

The moment I read this, I loved it.

We hear the music.
We respond to the music by celebrating the Musician.

This goes back about 28 years!
This reminded me of (waaaaay back in the day) when I wore my denim jik-soaked jacket and had painted all kinds of Christian stuff on it, with sewn on badges and emblems, I had a badge that says "Jesus has music for those who listen". (Yes, I still have the jacket and still believe the same things.)

Funny how one thought leads to another. This badge reminded me of something My Man has said. As he drives to work, the sun is coming over the mountain and across the bay and he says that he can hear the sun rise. People have varied reactions, but he is certain that there is a sound to the sun stretching its arms across the bay.

That in turn reminded me of the Scripture that talk about the rocks crying out if we don't praise God. It sounds to me as though creation is doing a fine job hearing and celebrating the Musician anyway.
Believing in who we don't see - figuratively standing on His feet and dancing to His Music.
Going where He leads us. Does it get better than that?

 "By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command,
so that what is seen was not made by what was visible."  (Heb:11:3)

I love this... it fits in with my desire to join in with creation and sing.... You're Beautiful!


  1. Yes!! Love this!! xxx

    1. Thanks Lee! The Genesis "thing" is just blowing me away and I am only in Chapter 2! :)


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