Monday, March 10, 2014

Desperately Seeking Summer

the spring is sprung
the grass is riz
i wonder where them boidies iz....

Right now, I know where them boidies iz - they are all over my bursting, budding, about-to-blossom trees, and a couple have adopted the nesting boxes that we have put into our big tree. At the rate the occupants moved in, I think we may need to get some more!
The whole weekend was lovely - right from Friday evening when we had friends over for supper.                                                                                            We met them on the bus and liked them straight away. It's taken a good few months to get up the nerve to ask them to supper, but it was an evening of note. Even my food (in my humble opinion) was blimming marvellous!  :)                                      You won't hear that from me often!
On Saturday we went into the city and walked around some of it that we have never seen. There really are surprises around every corner - it's a beautiful place.                                                                                       Already we've noticed lots of tourists and the amount of activity has definitely gone up a notch with the good weather. We had an interesting evening with the "End of Winter" festivities - it's just so eye-opening being part of a culture that is so different.
We bought some very lekker furniture for the balcony last weekend and had our first brunch out there. The skies were a brilliant blue and the temperature soared to 17 deg. It was gorgeous. 

My Man mowed the lawn while I put together our balcony flower pots that hang over the railings. 
I am so looking forward to potting up some flowers to hang in them, as well as some herbs that will hang outside the kitchen.  I have decided to wait and watch for when the locals start their spring baskets, since I believe we may not have seen the back end of winter quite yet. 
Jack and I went to find spring in the city.
This morning, after "my usual" coffee in the city, I came home and had breakfast in the sun, read my book, wrote a letter (with a writing pad and a pen!), drank some coffee.... and now am going to drag myself to do the ironing - blegh. 

Wishing you a lovely day.... wherever you may be!


  1. Love the bird photos Lisa. How lovely to behold Gods creation from your front door step.

    1. Thanks Trace! It is a treat - we are so stoked!

  2. Fabulous pics of the birds, most inspiring I may even get my camera out

    1. Hi Joanne!
      Thank you - happy snapping away - I am LOVING having my camera almost always at hand here. :)

  3. It does my heart good to hear how much you are enjoying everything over there. Really embracing your new environment. XX


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