Friday, March 28, 2014

World Vision & Same-Sex Marriages

After reading this blog by The Shiny Headed Prophet I have not been able to think of much else.

I never write about "controversial" things here - especially not spiritually controversial, and I don't want any theological arguments - I think I have heard them all. People who know me, know how I feel about this. However, this is what has really filled me with a sort of sadness this week.

The brief version is that World Vision, that incredible Organisation that feeds millions of hungry children each year changed their policy to include employing people who are in same-sex marriages. Some "evangelical churches" had an-all-fall-down and encouraged people to stop supporting World Vision based on this policy.

Today I read here,that basically World Vision had given in to the "Christian" pressure and apologised(??):

"Facing a firestorm of protest, the prominent Christian relief agency World Vision has dropped a two-day old policy that would have allowed the charity to hire Christians in same-sex marriages."

"We have listened to you and want to say thank you and to humbly ask for your forgiveness," the agency said in the letter, signed by World Vision president Richard Stearns and board chairman Jim Bere.

I honestly don't know if I want to throw something or weep. I want to weep for those who are in same-sex relationships and how isolated they must feel, (let's face it, the "church" gives them a hard enough time as it is) and for those children who who were threatened by Christians to have their food literally pulled off their table, and I want to weep for "Christians"... because frankly,  I believe that Jesus would be the first to embrace any heart who wanted to help the poor and those in need.

Let's stop pretending that we know what everything in Scripture means - and rather focus on knowing the heart of the Writer.

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After thought:
I admire World Vision that they actually made a choice to allow this - I think that possibly the pressure brought upon them made it impossible for them to maintain their attitude of grace. Them not backing down would hurt millions of people, so they did what they thought they had to do - to keep doing what they love to do. I know that their heart is bigger than their policy.


  1. Well written. I think all people should remember the verse of he who is without sin may cast the first stone.

  2. I seldom comment on controversial topics such as this- but Lisa I could not resist this one. So I’m going to put myself out there and possibly expose myself to readers who think they know me- but don’t really. (Will remain anonymous though- you’ll know me!) Truth be told- I am a Christian in a same sex marriage. The struggle, the pain and my own elements of humanness got me to where I am. I am not going to wave a pride flag and force my opinions down people’s throats but I will say this…..Christians have done an extreme amount of damage to the gay community. So many people I know have completely rejected God because of his followers; because of their judgments and because of their self-righteousness. I myself abandoned my faith along my journey- but God doesn’t let us go- whether we are straight/ gay. My heart breaks for the brokenness I see in the gay community every single day- and unfortunately that brokenness is mostly caused by dysfunction in the church and a crazy obsession that homosexuals are worse by nature of their sin than other sinners. I have had heated debates with people who have become atheists because of judgments. At the end of the day- we are all doing our best to live in a broken/ fallen world. My sin is no different to yours or anyone else’s. I’m not here to try and plead my case and justify the place I have reached from my own tormented journey that spans most of my life. If only we could all put down our preconceived ideas of how things should be and how we should all live. The fact is – I have life. I love God. And one day- he will take my humanness from me. Agree with my lifestyle choice or disagree with it- I don’t really care but don’t judge me, condemn me and play “god” to me. When will we as Christians stop the chain of reactions that as a direct result cause people to distance themselves from their maker. When will we as Christians stops thinking we are better. My humanness is flawed- just like yours and others but don’t throw stones at me because I am flawed in a different way to you.

    1. Hey - I think I know who you are, but the saddest part of that statement, is that I know more than one person who could have written this.

      Whoever you are, I know you must know me well enough to know that I am "for you and not against you" - if I may be so bold as to use that language.

      This post was certainly not meant to be inflammatory. I don't want to bash the church, or christians or anyone for that matter - because I suppose in some way everyone thinks they are doing the right thing, with a godly motivation... we just see things differently.

      If you are who I think you are, we have had these conversations so I know you know my heart on this.

      Thank you for diving into this sensitive area for you - I appreciate your comments and I am glad that you took the time.

      Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hi Lisa
    You are very (as I said before) special with your insight and understanding. We shared some time together you were my strength and I was yours. Love ME

    1. Hi ME. Slightly mystified - but thank you for your comment.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  4. This topic, ever wrapped in sadness, frustration and mystification.


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