Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pros & Con (or Making Peace #2)

I am so lucky in so many ways - in fact, I am going to use a word I seldom use out loud and say that I am blessed in so many ways.

I married the man of my dreams when I was 20, I had my beautiful girl when I was 23, we have great jobs, we live in the most beautiful part of the world, have a roof over our heads, are really healthy and have friends who are fun and caring.

We love to travel and a huge PRO of having our family when we were young, is that we feel young enough to still really go out (or stay in) and enjoy our lives with plenty of energy for it (usually!)

It would be difficult for the unskilled eye to find a CON in here, but there is one.  My girl was born so long before her cousins that she is more of an aunt than a cousin. I definitely wouldn't change anything and I certainly don't regret starting young, it was the best thing ever, but there are times that I get a bit misty-eyed because I think she, and we, miss out hanging with little cousins..

So, this is the second thing I am making peace with this year - I can't change the fact that our lives are in different places and our kids are so far apart, so I am just thankful for the PRO that is family (of every age and phase), and enjoy the occasions that we find ourselves together.


  1. I am all for starting a family early. I was 18 when I married my DH and by the time I was 21, my two boys were born. Now I am a young granny with itchy feet to go and explore the horizons. My children were also always the much older cousins.

    1. I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree - and I would not ever change a thing about the way we did it. The PRO's of, like you say, being young with itchy feet and a curious heart is FANTASTIC!

      Life is really really GOOD! :)
      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Hahahah... I was looking for a "Like" button to your comment! *eish*

  2. I know this has been hard.
    But as you say, there are many ups.

    Your small one occupies a place all her own -
    She had many years where she was the only grandchild
    She is the trailblazer: unique in our family

    PS: Its wonderful to see how you are getting to grips with your word!
    I can take lessons form you in this :-)


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