Monday, January 28, 2013

A Birthday and a Reflection

The Birthday part...
I had a really lekker (great) day yesterday. I am not one to plan huge celebrations and prefer to hang out largely with my mom who I share a birthday with.

Although as I write this, I realise that it must sound VERY Irish to anyone who knows me well, because I am always organising get-togethers for theatre / dinner / concerts etc. where lots of us go out en masse, however when it comes to birthdays - I like to stay away from mass gatherings!  Weird. But true.

My very cool friend that I go to international
& domestic cricket matches with
bought  me this awesome bottle of wine called "The Innings"
 - the brainchild and wine of
Jacques Kallis & Mark Boucher.
 If you know ANYTHING about cricket,I won't have to explain that to you.
Let me say this: It's a GOOD wine! :)
So I had a lovely day, firstly we went to our Sunday morning gathering. It was actually very exciting because the South Pen congregation is beginning on 3rd Feb and so this Sunday was the "mock charge" in terms of set-up and logisitics and next week we are full steam ahead.

I am getting more and more excited about it because it's an amazing core group of people already and everyone is incredibly real. No airs & graces, no "religious" cliches - and so I am, or should I say we are, really trusting God to do something new, fresh and downright exciting in this community.
We need it, there are a lot of Christ followers here who have been really mangled by "church" and have just opted out of gatherings at all. I know this. Been there. Done that. 

However, here by the grace of God, go I. 

I digress. After the "mock charge" my mom, our men and I were treated to a late breakfast at a local nursery by a friend and it was just a perfect meal and company.  In between, I pretty much sat in the sun, read a book and did absolutely nothing at all! It was WONDERFUL!

That's the birthday part. 

The reflection part...
On the "MAKE" as my word of the Year.  I have to say I am LOVING this word.  I have so far MADE time by leaving work at 14h00 (my end of day). I now have time to go to gym, swim, visit, and do whatever I want to do in the afternoons.

I have had friends for coffee, been with friends to gym, run with friends and just had long phone chats to friends! I've come home and done nothing but work in the garden, take photo's, swim or play with the hounds...

Life is sweet and good.
And friends... well, they just give my life colour!  What would I do without them!?
So far... the MAKE word is making sense.

  •  Oh! And Bafana Bafana .... Well done Boys! 
  • Oh oh oh! I have just seen that this is my 100th post - *happy dance* who would have thought I could possibly last this long!?


  1. HA! So glad you are MAKING time to blog :-)
    I so enjoyed reading this -
    And "our" birthday.
    Funny I never put that together - that you are so social every other time, just not so much on your birthday.
    Actually, although I'm less social than you, I still mostly love being with people
    Perhaps we dn't like being the focus of the gathering?
    Its all I can think of.
    Having said that, this birthday ticked all the boxes for me too
    Just one thing -
    The 4 of us having a little wyntjie together to celebrate -
    Its pending.

    1. Definitely! Always time for a little wyntjie! :)

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Love ME

    1. Well ME - whoever you are, thank you! :)

    2. You are a very special person Thank You Be Happy ME

    3. Again. Thank you.
      Happiness to you too!

  3. Happy birthday to you... I didn't know that you and Allie share the day. Mine was yesterday...and I don't do crowds on my birthday. I just want my close loved ones around, and yesterday was perfect.

  4. Hi Lynette!
    Thank you and Happy Birthday to you too! Sounds like we both had perfect days. May your year be filled with lots of perfect!

  5. interesting .... i'm excited for you too ... South Pen sounds a great step and i love the lack of religious 'stuff' and a raw dependance on God.
    enjoy un-mangling!

    1. Hi Rob,
      Yes, it is exciting and I do think it's going to be different!

      Looking forward to see what God is going to do. I think... I hope...I am now atleast un-mangled enough to help other do the same!

      Thanks for the comment - and have a good week!


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