Tuesday, January 8, 2013

End of 2012 happenings...

I can't believe that we are already firmly in January! The last month has been a blur of activity and things only now are beginning to feel as though I can catch my breath. A bulleted little list:

  • Firstly - if you were in any doubt, the Mayans were wrong. (Just saying...)
  • We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in December which was just fantastic! We decided to renew our vows this year since it's pretty much a milestone year.  I told a friend of mine this and her response was "Why renew them if you haven't broken them?"  I had never thought of it that way. However, we decided to do this because we wanted to affirm one another and just basically say "We still do!" to one another.  A friend of ours, Derick, officiated and we were overjoyed at the way he did it, highlighting that when we got married it was on a kind of "Here we go and filled with hope", but this time we get together before mutual friends and family to celebrate that we would still choose to be together even knowing the quirks of the other, the hard times and everything else we have adventured through together. My Man also was not a follower of Christ before we married - he was a good man and now he is a godly man and a good man!  We didn't say vows, but instead just spoke about the things we loved and appreciated about one another. We were given an amazing gift made by hand by Derick and his wife, with photographs taken personally by them while overseas. I was going to share what they said about the gift to us in detail, but have decided that it's too personal - so I will just tell you that the picture was of all different types of doors and he talked about doors of opportunity that will be presented to us, and that have been presented to us.  It was a wonderful evening to celebrate with My Man, friends and family.
Setting up for our Anniversary celebrations.
Putting on my ring! 
Our lovely gift and Derick speaking prophetically about how it relates to us.
Derick praying for us

My Cpt Dad making the toast for the occasion.
Toasting our friends and family and thanking them for being part of our journey.
  • Christmas this year was spent with my folks up in McGregs, except this year EVERYONE was there: Both sets of my folks, brothers, sister, in-laws, some of the in-laws family, children and dogs!  It was a real occasion! It was also really hot - 35 deg when we arrived there at about 15h30 - thankfully they have a pool that we could have a dip in often.  We had to leave early on Boxing Day as My Man had to work the next day but it was a lovely quiet drive home with not much traffic.

Christmas 2012
  • New Years we chose to do absolutely NOTHING. Not because there was nothing to do, but we decided to just stay home. We sorted through all our paraphernalia that we have collected on our various overseas holidays and separated them into different boxes and talked about our upcoming trip. I wish I could move overseas - I love it here, but just feeling like I need to get away for a while and live elsewhere in a new culture, language and traditions.
  • My Girl moves home for a while this month while she looks for a new flat. Their lease was up and they didn't want to renew there, and so she will be home until something comes up. She is also talking about studying something this year which would benefit her too.
  • Oh! And .... not wanting to jinx anything, but I have been "religiously" back at the gym for about 6 weeks and loving it. 

 I am excited about 2013 - I think it's going to be a good year.

I hope that it will be awesome for you too!

Cheers - to a great year!


  1. Great post. Congrats on the renewing of the vows...and I can just imagine how awesome the prophetic word was if doors are involved. I saw the pic of the family together at Christmas on Mel's blog and thought that it is epic.

    1. Thanks Lynette! Have a wonderful new year. :)


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