Friday, June 24, 2011

Mission Shaped Cathedrals

Yesterday I watched a clip on a blog that I follow. By the end of it everything in me was... "I want to be part of something like this!"

Forging fresh new paths, exploring old traditons, meeting God in forgotten ways and unexpected places, meeting diverse people and discussing faith in a way that is open and exciting.

So much of what I have read in the last 6+ years has whispered this to me.... promising me that there is more than just what we have 'always done'  to following Jesus.

If this echoes with you at all.... watch this.

Be keen to hear your thoughts....  :)

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  1. lg, we have talked so you know what I think.
    But just to register here, I'm so glad you posted this - its pretty inspiring and certainly calls forth a hunger for creative Christ-following. . .


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