Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bulleted Two Weeks

Only because this has been a kind of random two weeks - nothing that is deserving of a whole post.
So it will be bulleted - in no particular order.

  • Overslept (more than once) and had to s.c.r.e.a.m to work.
  • Been very warm and not needing a jersey
  • Been very cold and unable to wear enough jerseys
  • Enjoyed Wacky Wine Weekend away with great family and friends
  • Stood on a drawing pin (NO! Not at the wine weekend... much later in the week!)
  • Went for Anti-Tetanus injection *faint* - no, I didn't faint. Its just the thought.
  • Didn't go to gym (again).....(surprise, surprise!)
  • Locked myself out of my house and had to phone offspring at sparrow fart for help.
  • Had coffee and crunchies with my mom
  • Had My Girl here for supper
  • Long weekend and school holidays coming up - big plans.
  • Cut my hair - again!
  • Started watching Big Bang Theory from the beginning.
  • Missed cricket everyday. (Except for one ODI:WI & India, stopped by rain and I missed the end...)
  • My hot water bottle sprung a leak and I mourned 
  • I made a mean cottage pie. Those of you that know me....applaud now.
  • Witnessed "Allie-Chilling's" Blog being reborn as Earth Stroller - pop over and say Hi!
  • Booked our flights & tour to Norway in Feb - OH!~ Now thats exciting. Not thinking about the cold.
  • Played 30 seconds with a bunch of fun people and drank great red wine.
  • Laughed alot.

Yes, it was a week and a bit
                                 with some of everything in it.  (Hey - that rhymes!)

Just thinking that I am writing as though its Friday - it feels like Friday - but its Wednesday....start of LONGGG weekend baby!!!

Enjoy yours too!

And I am going out for supper! :)


  1. hehehe...sometimes life comes in bullet-form :-)

  2. Hmm, I really enjoyed that
    A LOT!

  3. I think you bulleted all the answers before the timer ran out so you can move forward five spaces. :)Sha-ness


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