Thursday, October 16, 2014

Un, Deux, Trois...

Two weeks ago we began our French language classes together. Three nights a week for about 90min sessions. It's not too bad for me, but for My Man, it's straight after work, and it's a big ask. 

So far, we have learnt to:
Maybe French will help with the sharks back home?

  • introduce ourselves, 
  • say what nationality we are,
  • what our profession is,
  • the language we speak, 
  • where we live, 
  • our phone number,
  • email address...
  •  - as well as the obvious - like greetings. 
We can also ask others these same questions.  

Personally, I thought it was going really well and had mentally awarded myself a gold star, until we hit counting.  I think I was needing to be humbled! Haha!

Now I know why I needed basic Arithmetic!
It was because one day I would need to learn to count in French.  My challenge this week is not stringing together a sentence in French, it is learning to count above 70.  

Who does this?
70 = 60 +10          :    71 = 60 + 11         :       72 = 60 + 12 ...  etc.
BUT WAIT there's more!

 82 = 4 x 20 + 2          :              85 = 4 x 20 + 5

Then there's the 90's...  (faint!)
93 = 4 x 20 +13    :   99 = 4 x 20 + 19   

Then to say it.....  99 = quatre-vingt-dix-neuf.

Damn man. If you made this equation look like this:     a = 4 x 20 + 19        I would have a better chance of success at solving the equation than counting and it and saying it!

 Anyway, enough of that but thank God for someone who made audio flashcards / games /tutorial / tests! (I love it when teachers use tech!  Oh ja, that used to be me!)

Tonight, we start learning the time... oh Dear Lord - please let it be easier than counting!


  1. Great post! You are really a sport where it comes to new experiences...go you!

    1. I just saw this comment from you now! Thanks! :)


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