Thursday, September 25, 2014

Laughing at yourself is good for you.

I have had to laugh at myself A LOT since moving here.  You have to. If you get upset over every little silly thing, you would become a sour and miserable individual!

The first idiotic thing I want to share is that when my FH folks were visiting recently, we went on a scenic rondfahrten on the Mosel.  I had bought the ticket for us and put it in my pocket as we ambled along to board the boat.  As we walked up the gangplank, there were a couple of gentlemen in their "sailors" gear to see us aboard.  I led the way, walked up and put my hand into his outstretched hand, and proceeded to shake his hand, greet him and then moved on so the rest of the family could follow, only to have him reach out his hand again and say "Ticket, s'il vous plait".

Oh. So he wasn't actually wanting to shake my hand?  We all had a good laugh but I still blush when I even think about it!

The other thing happened today. I went to collect my race-day pack for a race this weekend. I was not familiar with the area and had looked at the map to see more or less where I needed to go. I took the busses I needed and got to the village with no problem. I followed the sign pointing down the road to the Centre de Sportif (or something similar) hoping that it would be clearly visible. Within about 30 metres I passed what looked hopeful but saw the sign outside said "Maison Relais" (or something similar!) so reckoned it wasn't that.  Suddenly I remembered something about a shuttle that would take you there from the main road. I retraced my steps to the shuttle stop, and waited about 20 minutes for the shuttle. He arrived, I asked if he went there, he had a puzzled look on his face, and then beckoned me to get in, drove the 30 metres and then pointed at that same building.

OK. So I waited 20 minutes for a shuttle that took me 30 metres..... !

Just to add a bit more hysteria, the office to collect the race-packs can only be collected on Saturday.

So, it was a fun morning.  6 busses and 4 hours to collect race-packs that I still don't have. I admit I enjoyed it all. The weather was lovely, and the bus trip was scenic, my book that kept me occupied at the bus / shuttle stops along the way is the final of a trilogy and completely absorbing! (Edge of Eternity - Ken Follett)

I am definitely not complaining, it's been a wonderful morning.


  1. The boat thing was a wonderful moment - even if it still makes you blush.
    It was such a friendly Seffrican thing to do . . .
    Its the way many of us are, and I think its one of our better traits.

    Just by the way, I have a feeling you made his day!!

  2. Oh my! I hope I can be as cheerful if I have to ever live in a foreign country - lovely stories Lis!

    1. Of course you would be! I wish I had started writing down all the funny things since we got here!


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