Friday, June 13, 2014

Rescued Into Conversations

It's almost a year that we have been in our new other home - Luxembourg. We love it. It's quite a weird feeling but I actually feel as though this was always meant to be. It feels right.

I suppose if I have to nail down something that I really miss - it's conversations with people.  People I knew, and even people I didn't!  Largely conversations revolving around life and faith and how we see both of them. Not knowing too many people here, combined with where I find myself on this spiritual adventure and the language barriers to talk to many people, I have felt quite isolated and starved for authentic, open conversations.  I know that the longer we are here, this will begin to happen - but, like I said before, this IS something that I miss a lot.

We_Make_The_Road%20uk.jpgSo I was pretty happy when Brian McLarens "We Make the Road By Walking" came out the other day and was quick to download it.  I have always enjoyed his writing. About 10 years ago (or was it more?)  I read his book, "A New Kind of Christian" and it pretty much saved me during a time where I felt that maybe I was losing the plot, feeling that I was missing something and there HAD to be more....  when I read that book, I cried. I really did, because I realised that I hadn't lost the plot and that I wasn't alone. It was a liberating read for me.

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked now - I do love FB, because my first thought after downloading the book was to invite friends who wanted to "bounce on the trampoline" (as Rob Bell would say), to join me in going through it together as a group since there are discussion questions and thoughts for each chapter.

Selfishly, I now get my conversations back again with people I value and respect. I know that we won't always agree with one another, or with Brian even, but that's OK. My hope is that any friend will feel welcome to join the conversation no matter what their beliefs are. We are all in different places and that's what makes this exciting.

So, in a way, I guess My Rescuer has rescued me again, using another of Brian's books, this time though, rescuing me back into a conversational community of people who enjoy looking at things from various perspectives without feeling threatened or defensive.

I am looking forward to this.


  1. I am going to download it and see if I can join your conversation.

    1. That would be great! :)
      Looking forward to it!

  2. It's available for download in the UK in 3 days times ..... so I will join you hen if that's ok ...

    1. Definitely! Would be great to have your thoughts on it as we go along. :)


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