Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick Fox Runs In Front of the Alert Dog

Most days I take the hounds for a walk individually. I have taken them together once which I regretted afterwards, because combined they have a weight of close to 60kg and when they spotted another dog, I was the one who got dragged.

So, I made the wise decision that I would take them one at a time in future.  I took Tigger first today, and we headed up into the forest. I usually let her off the lead because she doesn't tend to take off like Jack does, but is happy to run a few metres and then check on me, smell here, pee there and run and then come back. She is a wonderful walking companion.  

As I headed up the hill, I let her off the lead and she trotted up as she usually does, but I just had this feeling to have her lead on, I called her back and put it back on. We walked around the corner and suddenly, instead of her doing her "kid-in-a-toy-shop" type of walk, her ears pricked, and she walked absolutely straight ahead, completely focussed.  She is a REALLY alert dog.  Suddenly, not two metres in front of her a fox ran across the path. At first I thought it was a cat, but just for a split second it turned, and I saw the face and then the tail and I realised what it was. 

Well, I thought Tigger was going to go into overdrive! She just took off with me attached to her, attempting to hurtle down after it into the bush. She seemed to double her strength because I felt as though I had to literally dig my heels into the path and lean back to restrain her.

Eventually, I just decided it was easier to begin to run and called her dragged her after me.  After that she was so hyped she was ALL OVER the place probably thinking there was a fox in every bush. Eventually I thought I should just run with her a little to tire her out.  

I remember the day we saw the deer coming down from the rocks with her, and for weeks afterwards every time we walked past that corner, she would stop and stare up there as though daring more deer to take a chance....  I wonder if every time we walk up this path she will be in stealth mode?

So... that was my fun afternoon. I was hugely relieved that (a) I listened to that little voice that told me to put the lead back on, and (b) that I didn't try and take them both because I would STILL be in the forest being dragged through the bush!

I guess all that is left to see is a boar. 
I don't really relish the thought of a boar though. I think it would be more menacing than a fox.

* * *


  1. The fun keeps coming, hey!?
    A fox - how very Country and Home or Horse and Hounds . . .
    Lovely post, Lis - but I actually hope you don't meet a boar.
    I've been scarred about them by Asterix comics I think :-)

  2. If you find a boar you mind find a truffle though!


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