Sunday, May 29, 2011

*Warning* Sentimentality ahead

On Friday I went to our school's assembly and as is customary, they begin with a time of singing - full of energy and enthusiasm.

They sang a song that has been around for YEARS... "every step I take in you, you are my way Jesus.." together with all of the actions.

I spotted my little niece and her friends singing and doing the actions and clearly enjoying it so much and suddenly out of the blue, I was looking at my little girl 11 years ago.  I think it was the song that set off my memory because I remember her singing it and doing the actions to it. I remember us singing it together in the car and at home.  I am embarressed to say that I completely fell apart right there. Perhaps not very noticeably, but enough that my colleague sitting next to me slipped me a tissue. 

I haven't seen My Girl for over a week. I miss her.

OK. Sentimentality over. Let the new week begin!

Please know that this is not meant to be a guilt-inflicting thing or a self-pitying thing. I realise that this is part of life - a necessary part. It just takes a little getting used to.  It's all good. :-)


  1. you totally nuts girl....who said them leaving home was a good thing? Why can't they stay home till they move to their husbands homes, like they did in the good old days?! ;)

  2. The highs and low of parenting, nostalgia and all things sentimental :-) xxx

  3. When my Mum dropped me off at the airport to leave home & move to Malawi she told me if she cries it is not because she is sad for me as I was going on an adventure, but just for herself.

  4. What a lovely post...very touching. You are allowed this, you don't have to always be strong, you know?

  5. My children have come and gone through the years too and I can relate to your feelings...a mother stays a mother. Hugs from Rondebosch.


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