Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(Not really) A Midsummer Nights Dream

As I lay in bed last night tossing in the waves of frustration, the Puck that appeared was not a mischievous sprite but rather the literal bouncing around of ideas and thoughts in my mind. These involved the various events of the day which I will not elaborate on; suffice it to say that we had great expectations for yesterday, none of which came to fruition.
I sneaked a look at the clock – almost midnight. I heard it begin to rain, first softly and then it poured. 
I had a wonderful idea, a wild idea - the best idea ever!  (Remember it was late and I was tired! J )
Why not go and stand outside in the rain and in a grand prophetic gesture ask God to wash the day’s frustrations from me.

I may well have done this but for the mind’s eye movie clip which followed this idea:
Me: Drowned-rat-like, centre stage, in the rain.
Enter left My Man: “Hey, what you doing?”
Me: “A grand prophetic gesture to wash away today’s frustrations.”
My Man: “Of course.  Do you know what time it is?”
Me: “Grand prophetic gestures do not heed time.”
My Man: “Well, ok, then.”  (Departs stage left shaking head)
I decided that I would not wake my man from defending castles and slaying dragons (although his dreams are more likely to be about winning the lotto and rescuing the world with the proceeds), besides there would be wet clothes and wet hair and really, did I need that at something after midnight?  So instead I muttered something like “I really don’t want to post mortem my day anymore Father, help!”
I turned over and tucked my duvet under my chin.  It was then that I heard it; the familiar buzzing  of those kamikaze horrors  – how do they know where your ears are?
Somewhere amidst my wild ninja-like mozzie maneuvers I fell asleep.
This morning, the lesson I have learnt, is that God is quite capable of using a mosquito to distract one from thinking too much. 


  1. love this! what a unique way of looking at mozzies:-)

  2. What an entertaing post and your closing line has me laughing out loud!

  3. Great Post...lol! Now my mind is ticking over...what if you did it? Stood in the rain and let the Lord wash the frustration from you. But then...maybe now I am thinking too much;-)

  4. Love it ;) Don't mind me if you see me peeping over the wall next time it rains!

  5. Mosqiutoes are good, I think of it as helping to feed the birds... ;-)
    Actually the thought of the rain and sometimes the storm to wash away your bad thoughts is not a bad one, I use it myself, in the autumn. Although I don't go out and stand in the rain and let myself get soaked, but I love going for a walk, on my own, just to cleanse my mind. I prefer to wear a good jacket and proper gloves though...

  6. Hi Ms A!

    Nice to see you here. Thanks for your comment ~ I am just a teeny bit jealous that you are going into spring and will probably not be plagued by mosquito's nor will you need gloves and jacket right now!

    I agree though, a good walk does wonders for clearing the mind! :-)

  7. Well, the mosquitoes are not too bad here, not like in Sweden (but they at least don't carry deceases, not here, nor there) but when they are, they seem to love me. I am just trying to think of them as useful, when I am scratching my bites until they don't itch anymore, but just are painful... :-) But we definitely are not just in spring but in summer here - it is lovely!


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